GenGreen nucleic acid gel stain

English name: GenGreen nucleic acid gel stain *10,000× concentrate in DMSO*
Pack Size 500 μL
Storage and transport: 4 ℃ ,dry and protected from light
Excellent stability:
Can be heated of microwave heating or other methods,also can be stored at room temperature.
More secure:
GenGreen unique characteristics of high molecular weight and oil made it not penetrate the cell membrane into the cell, Ames's test results showed that the mutagenic dyes ethidium bromide is much smaller than (EB).
A wide range of adaptability:
For precast gels and gel electrophoresis staining for agarose gel and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; for dsDNA, ssDNA or RNA staining.
Dyeing process is simple
And EB, don't worry about dye degradation in precast gels and electrophoresis process. The dyeing process after of gel electrophoresis need 30 minutes and without bleachingor washing, can be directly observed with visible light gel transillumination.
Minimal impact for migration of DNA and RNA 
The impact of migration on the nucleic acid is less than the SYBR Green I
With the standard gel imaging system and observed visible light gel perfectly compatible devices
1.Gel stain (use the same EB)
Ø Added GenGreenNucleic acid dyes when prepared gel.(such as 100ml agarose gel added 5-10μLGenGreenreservoir).
Ø Electrophoresis according to conventional methods.
2.Bubble staining
Ø Electrophoresis according to conventional methods.
Ø Used ddH2O diluted the GenGreen reservoir about 3,300-fold in 0.1M NaCl, Made of 3 × Staining.(Such as:10μL GenGreen reservoir and 5mL 1M NaCl total 45mL H2O)
Ø Place the gel in a suitable container carefully,Such as polypropylene container. Add enough of the 3 × dye immersion gel slowly.oscillation of dyeing about 30min at room temperature.
    Note: Bubble staining,amount of dye was used.Single-use dye can be reused three times.